March 2012

Surviving the Cloud

Organisations are moving parts of their infrastructure into the Cloud, the business drivers are too strong to prevent this migration but what really are the security risks?

There is a lot of publicity around the security concerns and so Context undertook a detailed and thorough research project in order to establish what this means in reality. By renting Cloud nodes from various providers Context investigated the new landscape of attacks that are present in the new Cloud environment. The conclusions highlighted a great deal of concerns and the providers have been working with Context to mitigate these issues. This presentation covered this new world and what it actually means to hack into the cloud. Furthermore, the presentation covered the steps that can be taken to manage the risk and limit the potential impact.

If you would like more information about Context’s cloud assurance services, please go to our dedicated Assurance area of this website.

Espionage: The Real Threat

From target selection to data exfiltration this presentation examined the various tools and techniques used by sophisticated state-sponsored attackers to infiltrate your network.

This presentation drew upon examples of malicious tools used in recent attacks and highlighted the ease with which off-the-shelf security products can be bypassed. It’s not all bad news though; with over 100 years collective experience on Targeted Attacks at Context the presenters detailed some steps that can be taken to defend against this attacker and reduce your risk.

If you would like more information about Context’s research into APT or Targeted Attack Detection Service (TADS) service, please go to our dedicated Response area of this website.

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