May 2014

Our choice of presentation topics for this event are based on recent project and research findings; and also on feedback received from delegates at previous Oasis events. Presentations at this event will explore a number of topics including:


Threat Intelligence is very much the buzzword at the moment. Every security product available claims to be supplying organisations with threat intelligence and there are no shortage of companies offering intelligence feeds. But how much of this is really ‘actionable intelligence’ and how much of it is merely ‘information’?

In our presentation we will be discussing the benefits of threat intelligence and, more importantly, the wider cyber strategy this intelligence strand fits into.  We will focus on the stages that must first be undertaken by an organisation in order to maximise understanding of the threat, and those that facilitate the ability to detect attacks before impact occurs. The discussion will be followed by a short case study on how Threat Intelligence is generated and why it matters to your organisation.


As Spam, Spear Phishing and Targeted Attacks become ever more sophisticated, the need for user education, detection and incident capabilities response grow ever stronger. In this talk the Assurance team will present the anatomy of real world attacks which utilise unsolicited email as a compromise vector. Throughout the talk we will examine how these attacks appear, what happens when users click on links or open attachments, and how organisations can better defend ourselves.

Finally, the talk will culminate in the unveiling of a new a new service line being offered by Context; targeted email phishing assessments. Do you know how many of your end users will blindly click links, download software when told to via email or provide their credentials to anyone who asks? How many workstations in your environment are exposed to client side attacks from known vulnerabilities? How effective your security appliances are at detecting and preventing these attacks? This new service aims to provide answers to these questions, among others, to ultimately provide actionable data which can be fed back into a robust security awareness lifecycle.


Our Research team has been investigating the excitement around the ‘Internet of Things’, to identify what the security impact could be in both a corporate and a home environment. We have been looking at a number of IP connected ‘things’ to fully understand the implications of having these devices connected to your networks.

Can we hack into your light bulbs and use them to eavesdrop on your family members? Can we see what personal photos you are printing? Perhaps we could hack your children’s toys, smart meter or NAS? With live demonstrations throughout the presentation we will show you what we found and the potential risks the 'Internet of Things' could enable – our findings may cause you to lose some sleep.

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