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White Papers

Exploiting XML Digital Signature Implementations, MDM. The solution to BYOD?, Pixel Perfect Timing Attacks with HTML5, Web Application Vulnerability Statistics 2013, Network Monitoring, PlugX - Payload Extraction, Tablets In The Enterprise, Are You My Type?, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Stolen Data, Web Application Vulnerability Statistics 2010-2011, Assessing Cloud Node Security, Smartphones in the Enterprise, Clickjacking - Black Hat 2010,

Blog Posts

Fiesta Exploit Kit Analysis, Context Threat Intelligence - The Monju Incident, Expressing Yourself: Analysis of a Dot Net Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability, Are You Following Me?, Windows RT and Powershell, The Day of the Ball is not the Time to Learn to Dance, Attackers Exhibit ‘StrangeLove’ for Middle Eastern Targets , The Crouching Tiger at the IHS Watering Hole, Java Pwn2Own, Canape – New Version of Canape Released , Canape – Dicing ESXi into Byte Size Portions, SAP Parameter Injection - No Space for Arguments, Server Technologies- Are You Using .NET Remoting? Stop it!, Malware - Exploit Packs, Zeus and Ransomware, SAP Exploitation – Part 3, Dirty Disks Raise New Questions About Cloud Security, Framesniffing against SharePoint and LinkedIn, Malware 2 - From Infection to Persistence, Server Technologies - HTTPS BEAST Attack, Malware Analysis - Dark Comet RAT, Server Technologies - Reverse Proxy Bypass, SAP Exploitation – Part 2, SAP Exploitation – Part 1, WebGL – More WebGL Security Flaws, UPDATE: WebGL FAQ, WebGL - A New Dimension for Browser Exploitation, Server Technologies - SSL2: Should it keep you awake at night?, SmartPhones - Can you Trust your USB Charger?, Server Technologies - JBoss RMI Twiddling, Malware 1 - From Exploit to Infection,

News Items

Simon Clow presents at CRESTCon, Context is recognised for Best Security Company, Context present on targeted attacks at Securing the Law Firm event, Context Accredited for Government Cyber Incident Response Scheme, Congratulations to James Forshaw, Context: one of the first to be CPA accredited, The Forger's Art: Exploiting XML Digital Signature Implementations, Paul Stone is speaking at Black Hat USA 2013, Context approved for CESG Tailored Assurance Service , Context selected for new Government ‘Cyber Incident Response’ scheme, Context presents ‘Breaking .NET Through Serialization’ at Black Hat USA:, White Paper: Tablets in the Enterprise – A Hard Pill to Swallow, Blog: SAP Parameter Injection - No Space for Arguments, Context Highlights Weaknesses in VMware Protocol, Microsoft Releases Patch following Context Warning of Vulnerabilities in .NET, Dirty Disks Raise New Questions About Cloud Security, Context Release New Whitepaper: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Stolen Data, Context Blog Provides Simple Fix to Protect Internet and Intranet Sites, Context Serves Up New CANAPE Security Assessment Tool at Black Hat Europe, Context Releases Whitepaper - Web Application Vulnerability Statistics Report 2010-2011, Mark Raeburn and Alex Church present at BlueHat - Redmond, USA, Oasis Network – Putting Security Research into Context, Apache releases security advisory following discovery of back door threat by Context researchers, Context Application Tool (CAT) Version 1.0 Released, More security problems for WebGL, Context uncover security flaws in new WebGL technology put PCs and data at risk, Context introduces new Cloud Security Assessment Service, Context Releases Whitepaper - Assessing Cloud Node Security, Context Information Security opens Australian Office, Context Launches Blog - Insights from the Experts, Simon Clow premieres “Smartphones in the Enterprise” White Paper at CrestCon, Context confirms membership of RMDG, More Context consultants join security industry elite, Context adds four Lead Auditors to our resource pool, Context Information Security Ltd achieves certification to ISO/IEC 27001:2005, Letting the CAT out of the bag, Context discovers Citrix vulnerability, Gain a new understanding of secure development with Michael Jordon, Context releases CAT Beta 4, Paul Stone is speaking at Black Hat Europe 2010 ,

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